Donate to Muslim Cemetery of Central Florida

This project needs your support. We are in immediate need of $350,000 to close on the Land and carry out initial construction of the cemetery. This cemetery will continue to serve the Muslim community of Central Florida until the end of time. It presents a unique opportunity to all of us.


We are accepting Paypal donations online. You can pay with paypal even if you do not have a paypal account. 

Please encourage your community in making contribution to this project. Print and distribute the flyer at your local masjid, and share the link on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Cash collection is going on in most Masajid in the neighborhood (An Nor, Taqwa, Abu Bakr, Darululoom, Al Birr, As Sunnah etc.). Donation boxes are available in these Masajid, and you can also contact one of the brothers volunteering at your Masjid and make a donation.

May Allah reward you with infinite blessings for your participation in this great cause.

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