The highest degree of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed. A system will typically include platens suitable for compressive testing of specimens appropriate to the maximum load of the machine and a set of jaws for holding tensile tests samples. Environmentally and operator friendly state-of-the-art universal testing machine… At Test Machines Australia we provide a comprehensive selection of quality dynamic testing machines that provide objective and consistent results on all tests completed. We provide tư vấn to customers Australia-wide, and work hard to ensure they receive a personalised and professional service from our team at all times. At Test Machines nước Australia we specialise in developing and distributing the very best tensile strength testers to universities, plastics companies, and other high-end manufacturers.

Plastic Packaging Testing Instruments

Composites, elastomers, wood products, textiles, biomaterials, paper products, and adhesives. The MTS Landmark 22k dynamic universal testing machine comes equiped with a small furnace unit, that can heat samples up to very high temperatures. The system is designed with dual test spaces for tension, compression, bend, shear, and flexure testing on high strength materials. The open-face crosshead allows for fast and efficient testing of large volumes of tension specimens such as bolts, rebars, and couplers.

Draw multiple 5.2mm circles in the vertical middle of the stepper motor mount, spaced at least 10mm apart. Extrude the upper rectangles by -60mm in the cut operation to cut off the top parts of the side wall. The angular contact bearings inserted will alleviate the motor from experiencing any axial loads. These holes will be used to mount the stepper motor and are used to fit low profile M3 screws, but regular socket head cap works too. Extrude the circles by -2mm into the bracket with the cut operation selected. These two parts will be used to mount the stepper motor and the bearing.

All testing, such as tensile testing, can be controlled based upon Displacement, Load, Stress or Strain. The full MTI Testing Programs library is included with each system. This is likely the final version of the tensile testing machine project, so feel không tính phí to build it! I might publish this on Thingiverse as well (though I’m not quite certain).

The Technical University of Munich uses a materials testing machine from ZwickRoell to perform tensile, compression and flexure tests on the wheels and coatings. Max-Planck-Institute uses a high-temperature tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell for tests on high-performance materials. Cheese producer Hochland uses a zwickiLine universal testing machine from ZwickRoell for texture analysis of different cheese products. Uni Petrol – For quality control of synthetic polyethylene and polypropylene the petrochemical manufacturer uses testing machines from ZwickRoell to determine the material’s tensile properties.

For our purposes, we will focus only on static, axial-loading, tension/compression type machines. Other types of testing machines which will not be discussed here include electro-dynamic testers, impact testers, servo-hydraulic fatigue systems, torsion testers, torsional bi-axial machines, and planar bi-axial machines. SATRA has now introduced a new tensile testing machine rated up to 5,000N. This machine is a robust twin–column model with reliable mechanics incorporating digital software control. It delivers precision performance via high efficiency pre-loaded ballscrews, tự động hóa ranging high resolution load cells and digital AC servo drive. The STM 566 machine operates in tension and compression and provides an 800 per cent overload capacity without damaging the load cells.

Conditioning – Many tests require controlled conditioning (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). The machine can be in a controlled room or a special environmental chamber can be placed around the test specimen for the test. Output device – A means of providing the test result is needed. Some older machines have dial or digital displays and chart recorders.